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Website Maintenance

We maintain your website while you can focus on your business.
Maintenance Service - LogicSync

We offer reliable website maintenance service to keep your website live, functional and up-to-date. Consumers today can quickly find your website and verify your credibility by scanning through your digital presence to decide whether to visit you. Our website maintenance packages include hosting, security features, backup and restore, content updates, design updates, plugin and integration updates. A glitch in your site can cost you conversions, once you team up with us, we don’t let that happen. Simply reach us and we will get to work. Check our website maintenance packages and ask us for if you have any queries.

Maintenance Feature Managed Hosting - LogicSync

Managed hosting

We calculate the optimum environmental your site needs to perform maximally at all times. Depending upon the type of website, its main features, and development platforms used we provide a completely managed hosting.

Maintenance Feature Website Security - LogicSync

Site Security

Automated malware detection and removal along with periodic manual checks to identify security threats for timely elimination. Firewall configuration, user security including SSL certification, other for a secure experience.

Maintenance Feature Backup Restore - LogicSync

Backup & Restore

Monthly or Daily backup to ensure that the site data remains safe at all times preventing site downtime due to file corruption or malware. Make sure that one error does not affect the site and that it can be restored to the previous version promptly.

Maintenance Feature Content Update - LogicSync

Content Updates

Changing information displayed on the site or replacing/uploading products on the site to keep it up-to-date as per your current offerings. We provide the options to suit your requirements whether it be images, products or text.

Maintenance Feature Design Update - LogicSync

Design Updates

Design modifications to implement necessary color/presentation changes or minor layout changes to meet changing search engine standards and keep the site updated every time as needed.

Maintenance Feature Site Plugin Update - LogicSync

Plugin Updates

We ensure all plugins are up-to-date and all upgrades are noted and implemented for a stable and updated experience. As per the changing security and performance requirements, the required plugins are added and configured.


Process Work Review - LogicSync


Analyse your website

Analyse technology, platform & requirements

Process Iteration Stage 1 - LogicSync

Recommend plan

Offer the best hosting & website maintenance plan for your website goals

A configuration & update plan optimal for your website

Process Review Stage 1 - LogicSync


Annual plan confirmation

Client-side confirmation of the website hosting and maintenance plan

Process Iteration Stage 2 - LogicSync


Gathering all requisites to commence

Domain credentials, website, other credentials to for upload

Process Review Stage 2 - LogicSync


Site hosting and upload

Hosting on optimal server configuration

Process Iteration Stage 3 - LogicSync

Test & checks

Testing across devices to confirm success

Checking across browsers and devices

Process Final Review - LogicSync

Periodic updates

Plan-wise scheduled content & design updates

Subject to the selected plan, content can be updated as scheduled or on direction of the client.

Process Final Iteration - LogicSync


Continued maintenance drills

Website maintenance drills including security checks, updates

    • Managed hosting for your website
    • We update your site, keep it on track

    • Focus on your business, we take care of your website
    • Keep your website updated technically and business-wise

Our pricing starts from $350 only.


Which is the best plan for my site?


We analyse your website, technology used, platform built on, other factors like whether it is an online store or a blog site and related factors like average traffic, number of products etc., this along with your business goals that indicate how often you want updates on the site. Studying these factors gives us a fair idea of the server capacity, memory, other settings based on which we recommend the website hosting and maintenance packages best for you.

How do we correspond for updates?


We provide support through email within up to one business day, much earlier usually. You simply mail us the content or design updates you wish to implement or with if you find a glitch that needs attention, you simply mail us the glitch, with a screenshot whenever possible so we can identify the cause of the problem and get on it immediately. We provide the best support within the best possible realistic timeframe and keep you updated regularly. We are always within the reach of one email or a quick call.