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IT Consulting

Want some help in attaining a practical and realistic approach for your idea; we can help.
Consulting Service - LogicSync
We offer IT Consulting service that helps to kickstart your project, helps you take better decisions, give a direction to your idea, IT product or app. You can opt for our IT consulting service when you wish to do the tasks by yourself and need direction or have hired an in-house or external technical professional and need expert advice and direction to set the course for your project. The consulting is materialised in the form of actionable strategies, to-dos, guidelines and documents that help kickstart your project or even improve the results. It can be an app wireframe and prototype from your idea, online sales strategy or content and design strategy., the IT consulting service we provide will be useful for an idea that you want to monetize, an-ongoing project or business that needs a boost.
Consulting Feature Project Planning - LogicSync

Project Planning

Once you successfully discover the solution to a business problem or have a business idea to be implemented as a software project, we help you scope the project, plan the stages of development along with helpful documents.

Consulting Feature UI UX - LogicSync

Marketing Strategy

Depending on whether you are just starting out or need to reinforce your brand, we design goal-oriented marketing strategy and provide in-depth insights on channel identification, keyword selection, campaign strategy and execution.

Consulting Feature Marketing Strategy - LogicSync

Optimised UI/UX

Based on your objectives, collected data, information architecture and user flows, we design the User Interface and the User Experience of your project, a well-worked optimised UI/UX that guides the complete development process.

Consulting Feature Infrastructure - LogicSync


We study your project and define the optimal environment it needs. We offer key infrastructure solutions including server configuration, hosting, networking, security, monitoring and backup.

Conceptualization & Documentation

When you feel you have a brilliant idea for your project and need help putting it on paper while getting expert recommendations and insights about feasibility, enhancement; you can team up with us for our IT consulting service. We thoroughly understand your idea and discover possibilities to make it happen on realistic technical grounds, then create relevant and extensive documentation to formalize the project vision and scope. As per your requirement, we will create documents from the scope, requirements specifications, design specifications, use cases, process flow diagrams, to implementation and quality assurance plan.


You can get us onboard to give shape to your project; your project can be an online shop, a web solution for your business problem, or even an app. We will jump onboard and give technical feedback, create formal documentation for your in-house or external development team. If you need, our team can also help you determine the accuracy of the product under development as per the scope and consult you with suggestive measures.


We help you create an interactive, insightful and practical version of your app idea.


Process Work Review - LogicSync


Understand your objectives

Understand your requirements, objectives, perspective, current stage, ideal results

Process Iteration Stage 1 - LogicSync


Analyse current stage with respect to ideal results

Derive probable solutions, draft strategies, internal review

Process Review Stage 1 - LogicSync

First Review

First review OR first phase of strategy/wireframe/document

Take all inputs, incorporate within the design for first iteration OR execution of first phase of strategy

Process Iteration Stage 2 - LogicSync

Second Iteration

Second iteration OR Second phase of execution

The wireframe/prototype is presented with iterations for client-review to work closely together OR execution of the second phase of strategy

Process Review Stage 2 - LogicSync

Third iteration

Further collaboration OR third phase of execution

Collaborating further for further improvisations, fine-tuning OR execution of third phase of solution

Process Iteration Stage 3 - LogicSync


Final Feedback OR Final phase of execution

Final feedback, review, insights on the project or objective

Process Final Review - LogicSync


Handover of all deliverables

Delivery in the form of wireframe/prototype/strategy documents/technical documentation/material

Process Final Iteration - LogicSync


Execution by client or by our team

Once we deliver the solution, you either implement it yourself or engage us further for the technical implementation

    • Discover possibilities
    • Derive a path to execute your ideas
    • Get realistic, expert opinion & guideline
    • Get a reality-check of technical feasibility

    • Formalize your project vision & scope
    • Organize your project structure as wireframes
    • Create a user experience roadmap using the prototype
    • Learn the ins and outs of your project idea and ways to execute it

Our pricing starts from $350 only.


Which projects can you work on for consulting?


We provide IT consulting service for mobile apps, web apps, online shop and any other related IT-based project or business. Your requirements can sound like: ‘I need the wireframe and prototype for my app idea’, ‘need some advice to boost my online sales’, ‘need a design strategy and UI/UX design for my website, ‘need professional technical documentation for my product idea’…and so on. We are experts in web design, app development and digital marketing, keep this in mind and come with your requirement and we will serve you to the best of our abilities.

What do I receive as the deliverable/result?


Depending upon your requirements the deliverables can include one, few or all of these: phase-wise strategy documents, wireframe, prototype, todo lists, guidelines, technical documentation, printables, sheets, editorial calendars, etc. Wireframes get up to 3 iterations and feedback rounds before final delivery is made. Once we finalize the deliverables and hand it over, you can do the work yourself, hire someone else, give it to your internal or external team or even engage us. You have the direction, and all the know-how in your hand, execute and implement in a way that best suits your requirements, business and budget, yes, its that flexible.