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Digital Marketing

Data-driven marketing to drive traffic, increase conversions and gain loyalty.
Digital Marketing Service - LogicSync
We offer digital marketing services for promoting your business online, through the ever-expanding world of internet marketing. Your objectives can be increasing online sales, gathering potential followers on social media, driving traffic to your website, increasing newsletter subscriptions, boosting conversions and any realistic goal that brings you closer to the next sale. Data-driven marketing to drive traffic, increase conversions and gain loyalty. We recognise the right channels to reach your target audience, define buyer personas, derive the messaging tone & content strategy aimed at attracting traffic, increasing customer engagement and promoting conversions. Our digital marketing services include search engine optimisation, social media marketing, content strategy and paid marketing.
Digital Marketing Feature SEO - LogicSync

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO includes optimising your website and using strategic, ongoing content creation to promote user experience and visibility. Gain visibility & boost organic traffic using fair SEO practices based on data-testing driving conversions.

Digital Marketing Feature SMM - LogicSync

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing campaigns that generate reach, direct the right audience to your site through channels they use to communicate and explore their interests. We tailor each campaign to suit & leverage the individuality your offer, creating exponential reach.

Digital Marketing Feature SEM - LogicSync

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We help you stream up with custom search-engine ads explicitly designed to reach your target audience. You can initiate a small campaign with some baseline goals and then grow as you see results.

Digital Marketing Feature Landing Page - LogicSync

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are designed to attract the specific audience and to offer a personalized experience. Landing pages are proven to improve performance against competition and are an efficient way to generate targeted traffic and better conversions.

Digital Marketing Feature Competitive Analysis - LogicSync

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your online competition is crucial in creating a successful marketing campaign. We recognize the markets that share the keywords. Online presence is examined to recognize the competition & to generate key comparable ranking signals.

Digital Marketing Feature Measurement - LogicSync

Measurement & Tracking

Tracking & measuring results to derive actionable results is a winner. We collect channel specific data to track your campaign, measure the results & analyze KPIs; the insights are used to iterate & improve the campaigns to reach the optimal performance.


Process Work Review - LogicSync


Understand your perspective and goals

Study current online presence with respect to the marketing goals

Process Iteration Stage 1 - LogicSync


Draft a custom digital marketing strategy

Custom digital marketing strategy for your business, including one or few services to achieve the goals

Process Review Stage 1 - LogicSync

First Phase

First phase, can include SEO, Content strategy

On-page optimisation, off-page strategy design, content creation, other

Process Iteration Stage 2 - LogicSync

Second phase

Second phase, may include Social media marketing, Paid marketing

Set up social media and PPC campaigns alongside landing page creation

Process Review Stage 2 - LogicSync


Tracking & reporting

Continual tracking of all digital marketing services, sharing reports

Process Iteration Stage 3 - LogicSync

Long term strategy

Ongoing digital marketing work

Long term strategy for sustainable, consistent results

Process Final Review - LogicSync


Tracking & Feedback

Analysing results and sharing insights for next steps

Process Final Iteration - LogicSync


Long-term goals, adding new goals

Digital marketing campaigns are reviewed from time to time to introduce updated techniques & strategies

    • Establish your presence online and benefit from it
    • Reach the audience in the habitat where it thrives
    • Gain traffic, spark interest, drive conversions
    • Reach your business goals: sales, recognition, user base, your goal

    • Encourage customer retention and repeat sales
    • Know your competition and plan for success
    • Gain insights that contribute towards growth
    • Take your potential customer on a journey: impression, understanding, appreciation, conversion to retention

Our pricing starts from $1250 only.


Which services should I opt for my business?


You should opt for the digital marketing services that will have the greatest positive impact on the current scenario of your business. Depending upon your business goals and current online presence, we identify the best channels to reach your potential customers and design the digital strategy likewise. Some services show quick results whereas some are aimed at long-term sustainable results, we analyse your requirements and design a strategy that meets your near and long term goals.

How do you track the performance of the digital marketing services?


We continually monitor all campaigns and track the results and share the reports with you from time to time so that you know what’s happening and what next. You get timely reports of the progress along the course and if opted for, you also get detailed tracking and reporting of your current position online with respect to your online competitors along with insights and recommendations to outperform the competition.