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App Development

App Development Service - LogicSync
Mobile app development for your business, with our mobile app development services you will be able to serve the mobile user base with your an independent business app. We develop Enterprise, eCommerce, Booking mobile apps that can be linked with your website for easy updates or can be standalone as required. We develop mobile apps – for iOS and Android platforms – that serve your purpose, may it be driving sales, networking, establishing a brand, expanding user base, or communicating with your existing customers. We build mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, taking into account your requirement and objectives.
App Development Feature Platorms: iOS & Android - LogicSync

Platforms: iOS, Android

Reach maximum mobile audience through native apps developed individually for both Android and iOS platforms. Your app will be a feature-rich, fast and secure with an intuitive user experience.

App Development Feature Social Sharing / Login - LogicSync

Social Login & Sharing

Make the login process quick and easy with social login options. Users can log in using their Facebook, Google, or Twitter account and easily link information with their favorite social platform.

App Development Feature Multiple Pages - LogicSync

Multiple Pages / Gallery / Articles

Have defined sections for each type of information and facility on your app including gallery and articles. A systematic user flow that presents your business, informing the user of all things possible using your app.

App Development Feature Monetize App - LogicSync

In-app Purchases

Motivate users to take action on the app using in-app purchase. May it be a special feature or points, the app has a well-integrated in-app purchase facility to unlock and offer the next level of the app to the user.

App Development Feature Push Notification - LogicSync

Push Notifications

Grab your app users’ attention by sending notifications directly from your smartphone or computer. Keep in touch with your customers regularly using push notifications and increase retention.

App Development Feature Sell Products - LogicSync

Sell Products

Create a smart mobile store to sell your products 24/7. Always handy, always open, making shopping with you all the more easy and convenient. Manage inventory, take payments and promote items on your own mobile store.


Process Work Review - LogicSync

Discovery & Validation

Analysing your requirements, understand your ideas

We start with analysing your requirements, understand your ideas and objectives and then move to the research phase followed by feasibility analysis and planning where we set the foundation for subsequent actions.

Process Iteration Stage 1 - LogicSync


Formalisation of project vision, scope, requirement

Formalisation of project vision, scope, requirement specifications & design specifications. We determine the hardware & software requirements within the design framework & use detailed process flow diagrams, use cases, mental prototyping implementation, & quality assurance plan to mark the course of the project.

Process Review Stage 1 - LogicSync


User flows, UX and primary UI

We define the user flows, UX and primary UI in this stage. You get to see the proposed design of the app in the form of wireframes where we collaborate to achieve a strategically designed blueprint for building the application.

Process Iteration Stage 2 - LogicSync


Prototype Creation/UX Design

The experience is further extended as the prototype, the dynamic version of the wireframe and first representation of the first build allowing you to interact with the app. The prototype outlines the user experience, key to the app.

Process Review Stage 2 - LogicSync

User Experience

User Experience Design & Development

Using the interaction architecture created, our user experience designers thoughtfully create a fluid experience & an elegant, intuitive design. Agile method is used, allowing multiple iterations to achieve the optimal version of the app.

Process Iteration Stage 3 - LogicSync


Testing & Stabilisation

We perform several rounds of UAT testing and Beta Testing in a systematic and planned manner to improve the app with each iteration and fix. We test across different versions of the OS, devices & all possible combinations as per the scope.

Process Final Review - LogicSync

Final Feedback

Deliverable confirmation

Final sign-off checking all the features and functionalities, testing as required, performance and overall functioning of the app. Final sign-off and approval before delivery and launch of the app on the app distribution platforms.

Process Final Iteration - LogicSync


Deployment on ideal server config and app store submissions

Once we reach a point where all functionality & features are achieved & barring new bugs, the app fares well in the testing rounds, it is ready for distribution. The app is then deployed on relevant servers and published on respective platforms.

    • Reach the vast and rapidly growing mobile audience
    • Your own mobile store accessible 24/7
    • Give a personalized, delightful experience to your customers
    • Engage directly and consistently with your users

    • Encourage customers to take action
    • Create a loyal mobile customer base
    • Provide useful information in organized, accessible manner
    • Empower your business with technology

Our pricing starts from $1950 only.


What are the features my app can have?


Based on your requirements and the function, purpose of your app, the app will have several noteworthy features like if it is an enterprise shopping app it will have products display, shopping cart, payment gateway, or if it is an app to showcase your business, it can have an appointment booking section along with all the information, blog articles, forms and contact options.

Will the app be linked to my website?


Provided that your website is functional, built on a compatible technology to link the data, and we have access to the backend of the live website, the website can be linked to the website to centralise the functioning. Once linked, and set, the changes on the website will automatically reflect on the app, any new products added on the site with get auto-updated on the app as well, and so on.