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Changing trends in business website design

In December 2017, what do you observe when you scroll any standard business website? You will inevitably come across these striking features: a conventional home page with a rotating slider that displays 2-3 images of the business or related to the industry. This is followed by an array of snippets from the key pages and coming to the end of the page with a footer.

When you move to the next page, you observe an image or an icon followed by text for description of the services. There are a few other pages like a gallery or portfolio page to showcase the products, or skills of the business and a contact page with an address, phone, other details alongside a form and a map.

Sounds familiar? Sure does.

This has enormously been the trend to date with the only changes being the transition to modern and flat design and use of serif fonts.

This is the face of the major chunk of business websites that we see every other day. Yes, it is standard and works most of the times, but while it works, does it stand out? We believe not. The world is getting more dynamic each day and with it the website trends, we are observing some amazing new designs, but the massive percentage of business websites are still the ‘same ol…’. So, what next?

We are now pushing the boundaries to incorporate intelligent designs, clean architecture into the world of business websites. This is the kind of website design that is acceptable but noteworthy and memorable. Nothing too fancy for a business website, but one that stands out with the use of intelligent information flow, graphical presentations and uniform, unique design elements. Join us in this design trend revolution minimising the use of image overload and making the websites speak for themselves. After all, that is the actual purpose of a business website, isn’t it?